Monday, October 16, 2006

history 08 Ten Years Test

history 08 Ten Years Test

What have I been doing since 1996 when I supposed the structure of mind and gained the perception of the origin of society?

I spent ten years to test my perception of the origin of society. I tried to test whether it was true that the origin of society was to get predominance of surviving via trade and cooperation.

When I tried different careers, I was always laughed at in the beginning, and then others said I was changing to another person. I knew why and glad to be discovered I was changing. I found it was really very difficult to change from career to career if the careers were for different properties of human needs. I had to be another person if I change to another career with different properties. What I found was that career abilities were "determined" by ones needs, or wishes, not "determined" by will, attitudes or orders from others. The set of needs of human could not be change, but the main needs of someone were different from person to person. Although the main needs could be changed, it was one of the most difficult things to change one's main needs. Then it can make it possible or effective for seeking better life to live in proper society.

I had ever worked as a teacher (chemical engineering, computer), assistant education program manager, consulter of careers, seller (textile), purchaser (devices of computer, textile), manager (textile). Meanwhile I had tried to understand people engaging in other careers. I worked in different industries and in different positions to test my theory of the origin of society. I hadn’t got any opposite experience nor found any opposite example of others. I.e. the ten years tested my theory right though I didn’t know whether it was true before other unknown evidences.

My experience and observation told me that

people who were money thirsty and were proud of their money could make more money or more profit than those who could enjoy money, though they had less ability of social fairness.

people who were love thirsty and were proud of their fame could create more art works than those who were not interested in love, though they had less ability of social fairness, politics, security, etc.

people who were security thirsty and were proud of their security could be more offensive and more capable of security than those who had less sense of security, though they had less ability of making money, art, etc.

people who suffered from social problems and were proud of their social achievements could be more sensitive of politics, law or militia than those who didn’t suffer from the same problems, though they had less ability in personal life.

The “experiment” answered the question why different people pursued different values. It’s not the people’s will which determined those goals, but their needs or the things lacked in their minds that drove them to work hard in some area, and made them to gain considerable career ability. I.e. the career ability could not be got only from learning or being asked by wills from others. It developed on a natural base, the needs and the functions of mind.

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