Friday, October 06, 2006

history 05 the Existing of Mind

history 05 the Existing of Mind

One of the wishes of people is that life equals to mind, and mind can part from body, and mind will never die while body die.

There are three possible assumptions of the existing of mind:

1. supposing mind exists independent on brain

2. supposing mind exists dependent on brain, and will forever exist if brain is alive

3. supposing mind exists dependent on brain but mind will not exist if brain is dead or at some states of brain such as coma, sleeping without dream, etc

There are no direct reasons to prove the third assumption, but I found that the third one was the one with the least puzzling for me to understand the phenomena of mind while maybe it was not meeting the wishes of human.

Further more, I found that mind could not be developed when we sleep without dream, or we are at the state of coma, but mind could be recovered from some “memory” and continue developing on the latest stage it was saved, and could be developed again. Then, I try another assumption:

1. mind links to some state of brain

2. if conditions satisfied, the state of brain, which can lead to mind existing, exists. I.e., some state of brain creates mind., if conditions not satisfied, we will feel sleepy, mentally tired, or falling asleep, mind is disappearing at the same time

3. brain can convert from state to state, it means mind can be created and can be eliminated but be saved when brain converts from the state which leads to the existing of mind to the state which leads to the disappearing of mind, if brain comes back to the state which leads to mind existing, mind re-exists

4. mind and brain develop contemporarily in different ways, it means brain can save mind and recover it

I have no direct reasons for this assumption either, but I feel it is better to suppose above than to suppose a mind will never disappear. It makes me to understand the world with less puzzling.

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