Wednesday, October 18, 2006

0009 The General Guides of My Thinking

0009 The General Guides of My Thinking

The below are the general guides of my thinking. Some of them are only assumptions. They can only make me to feel there are fewer conflicts to reality.

1. Meaningless of nature

2. Life has its meaning only because life is a system existing conditionally

3. If mind exists in some species, the purpose of mind, function of mind, duty of mind, is to help to satisfy the conditions of existing of life.

4. The kinds of duties of mind are to help species to survive in environment and to make happiness, and to be predominant to others of the same species.

5. It is a purpose of mind to make happiness because of the properties of the problem solving procedure of mind, and it is a purpose of mind to help the body survive because of the relationship between body and mind, and the value of mind. Mind has to coordinate both of happiness and body life.

6. For the purpose of existing, and to exist happily and predominantly, we have to solve the problems of the relationships among mind, body, different persons, and nature. Mind, body, other people and nature are related factors of the purpose. We can only solve the problems via discovering the facts and their principles of mind, body, different people, nature and their relationships. We cannot solve problems only by our will unconditionally.

7. How to solve problems? Under the facts and their principles, to adjust our needs and its related factors to reach the goal of existing and to exist happily and predominantly. We have to know the proper needs of us and all of the related factors. We have to know the natural principles of factors, and the proper or rational attitudes, or will, or direction of unnatural factors.

8. How to get the complete facts of related factors? Different scientific methods for different factors that have different properties.

9. How do the natural or unnatural properties of factors affect the proper needs? Those are principles of their relationships.

10. Why do we research things? For we are not free, we have to exist under the principles of ourselves and to exist in the relationships with other things, and things have their own principles.

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