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history 06 Rebuilding Mind

history 06 Rebuilding Mind

This one is not only a history of the developing of the theory of mind, but also a history of me.

My parents had treated me wrongly since I was born. It made me to live in hell. I lacked of love (It made me vulnerable.). I was treated rudely and was ordered with threatening (It made me to live in a world full of fear.).

Then, I grew up with daydreams that I would have opportunities to live in a world full of love and without threats. Despite those daydreams, I hadn’t experienced any real love, equality and respecting each other in the world. I lived in two worlds, one was the real world evil as hell, the other was my daydreams. My daydreams gave me the only pleasure in those years. I actually lived on those daydreams. I.e., once the daydreams disappeared, I would die.

One day, I was really shocked very much when I saw a father feeding his child with love and care. In my world, it was only in daydreams, never in real world. My entire system of mind was impacted heavily by the driving force of that fact.

The second event was that someone cheated me and made me to be at a dangerous state. It made me to rethink my daydreams. Whether were there real honesty and love in the world? I had ever gone to church to look for help, but I realize that the Bible could not help me to survive if I had no enough money to buy food, or if I had no enough strength to refuse attacking. And I was trained to be an engineer, it made me to refuse accepting the content of the Bible. I thought it a fiction.

The third one was that my first job (not getting freely) made me to realize that I would never live in a real world like that in my daydreams in my lifetime.

There were the forth one, the fifth one, …

My life was dependent on my daydreams. But those real events led to stronger driving forces in my mind to depress my mind not to be at a daydream state.

In the later two years, I was killed. I was a dead person with no hope but full of pain. Any hope rising in my mind will be depressed by those real events happening to me, for I was a person who admitted and accepted any real fact while refusing any opposite fiction or imagination. Real facts were the only origin of my thoughts.

But I was a researcher. I noticed and recorded everything happening to me. And I paused the old direction of my researching on mind, started another direction to research mind. I had to admit that I had to solve the problems happening to me first, and then I could say to others that I got valuable results of mind researching.

Since I was a realist, I had to think that the functions of mind were to help creatures surviving predominantly. It’s the direction how I understood mind and its meaning. Then I drew conclusions about mind that a proper mind should react on real world to solve any problem successfully. A mind full of imagination and daydreams which could never occur in real world was not a proper one. And a proper mind should not be a love thirsty one for it would make the person vulnerable.

My experiences made me to get some features or properties of mind as follows:

1. If my attitudes would rather tend to admit and accept real facts than admit and accept those coming from wishes, the driving forces of real events would be stronger than those of wishes (needs and wishes led to daydreams, imagination)

2. Mind was a system driven by forces of needs, wishes, imaginations, daydreams, attitudes, estimating, real facts and real events happening to someone

3. For mind, life equaled to needs, wishes, attitudes, the imagination of meeting the needs and wishes, and the real experience of meeting the needs and wishes

4. For a realist, the driving forces of real events or facts were predominant to those of imagination under needs or wishes

5. If a realist said he/she was confident when basing on real events or real facts, he/she was really confident. If basing on imagination, he/she was not really confident, maybe, he/she would be defeated by real events or facts thoroughly, and would say he/she lost his/her “me”

6. The kind of needs, wishes, imaginations, attitudes, daydreams, the experience of meeting the needs and wishes, the events happening really, and values formed personality

7. Any mind of realists had to be tested in real world if it wanted to be confident in real world

8. If the driving forces of a realist’s mind opposite to those of real events or real facts, the mind had to be rebuilt basing on real events and removing anything opposite to real world

9. It was very important to get complete experiences in real world. No proper person without proper experiences in real world. A proper mind should be built with needs, wishes, and imagination basing on real events. The real events as base of mind should be proper. It was one of the most difficult things for somebody to get proper real events by oneself alone. One had to be helped by others or by chance to get proper events. The improper events from others happening to mind could only be adjusted by the proper events from others. I.e., under such circumstance, one could not be adjusted by oneself.

10. I was driven by forces and attitudes. If my attitudes were right, and if I wanted to rebuild my mind, I could not ask or order my mind to be rebuilt by my will even if I hated me. I could only rebuild my mind by adding or reducing the driving forces of mind to change mind indirectly

11. The properties of the driving forces and the strength of the driving forces, were the most important factors developing or resolving a mind and its characteristics. They were more difficult to be solved than to solve the confronting opinions accepted under pressure

12. It was better to rebuild a mind than to seeking help from religion for we had to live in the real world. To satisfy the need or wishes in mind was not always a good way. We had to erase the needs completely if we wanted to solve the problem completely. I.e., not to satisfy, but to change the mind to another one which could adapt much to real world to get satisfied in real world

The mechanism, process and the conditions of rebuilding a mind:

For realists,

To get opposite driving forces impacting on mind via real but opposite events. The opposite driving forces used to be stronger than those in mind to depress the existing mind.

The depressed mind dieing with severe mental pain

To survive from the pain (avoid suicide)

To inspire another need which is stronger than that existing

Getting more real events to drive mind

Controlling mind to be opened or closed, adding new forces by accepting, refusing new forces by refusing or punishing the origin, adding the same force existing in mind to reinforce the existing part or all of mind, carefully selecting the driving forces and the attitudes to rebuild a new mind

New mind with new needs, new wishes, new imagination, new attitudes, new values, new driving forces

A new mind growing, i.e., being rebuilt

The mechanism of religious converting is similar to the converting of realists though their attitudes and predominant forces are different.


1. Using the mechanism of the collapsing of a mind to develop a new mind, to rebuild a mind, or to change a mind by getting new driving forces to depress those old ones, or by changing the balance of driving forces, or to protect mind

2. To understand the essence of mind including some principles of mind

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