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history 07 the Origin of Society

history 07 the Origin of Society

from career freedom to market economy

This essay does not discuss the conditions of how to run a market smoothly, but figure out that normal economy can not run or develop without career freedom.

the conditions of career ability and the kinds of society

Why does human have to live in a way of society? Why doesn’t human live in a way like a tiger in forest? Cause of civilization? Cause of the wisdom of human? “For man is by nature a political animal” ?

The essay of how to rebuild a mind gave me some clues to understand the origin of society.

For the purpose of psychological research, I suppose that all of minds have the same basic model but at the different states of model, though they live in the same environment. Then I derive from the assumption that there are conditions of converting for minds to convert from state to state. If conditions satisfied, minds can convert from person to person.

What are those conditions then? How to satisfy them?

My experience and the observation of others tell me many about these questions. Please visit the website to know more about my experience.

I learned from my experiences and from my observations:

1. Although different people live in the same environment, and different people can receive the same information from the environment, information can not be noticed and be accepted equally. For different people have different needs, wishes and attitudes. The needs and wishes drive people and attitudes affect people to select related facts to be known and to be accepted to satisfy the needs or wishes.

2. People eagerly seek those related facts, and the related facts are sensitive to them. When people receive those facts, they accept them with pleasure. It means those facts are driven by needs and wishes, approved by attitudes, and will be active in mind.

3. If facts can not enter mind, they can not work in mind. Those facts not related to ones needs or wishes can not be noticed and be accepted into mind.

4. The needs and wishes inspire some imagination and raw ability.

5. The combination of facts accepted by mind and the imagination and raw ability can lead to the development of skills and abilities.

6. When people work for their own needs and wishes, they will not feel tired easily, for they are driven by their needs and wishes. If they are forced to stop their work, they will feel upset. The possibility of meeting their needs and wishes will fuel their passion, i.e. to make them work passionately. Orders in socialism nation can also drive people to work hard, but with fears, not with hope of meeting their own needs. They are two different properties of driving forces, one is to meet needs and wishes, the other is to escape from fears.

7. The people working under their own needs and wishes can get more knowledge, skills, abilities and get more qualified skills than those work under threats. I.e., more professional. If contest, the free people will be more competitive.

8. If people would be ordered to do any work as their masters want, they would even not become professional at all.

9. Professional work would lead to wonderful products.

10. But it is so difficult and ineffective to rebuild a mind.

11. If someone wants to enjoy a life with all of products professionally produced, he/she has to live in some relationship with others to avoid rebuilding his/her own mind. Such relationship is trade or cooperation. Trade is for exchanging products. Cooperation is for one product to be produced.

12. If career freedom and free trade are respected, the members can meet the needs of human at an advanced stage, i.e. man can live with high standard in society than living alone like a tiger, and the social freedom can lead to the real satisfying while socialism society can only meet the basic needs of life with fears, or can not meet the needs of human really. Socialism society can not reach the same advanced stage either, for it is against the mechanism of social, and against the origin of society.

The most important points of above are that a wonderful mind can not be developed by others’ will, it can only developed by the forces in ones own mind, and that the social way can give man predominant surviving ability to those not living in a society. Society if necessary for human to survive, and personal freedom in society is necessary too.

Applications or deductions:

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